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At the moment we have information on:

Collective Switching Scheme - saving money on your energy bills

Kent Police Burglary Campaign

Rural Fuel Poverty

Elections 2015

White Cliffs Countryside Partnership events 2014-15

Deal Area Foodbank

Dover Harbour Board Press Release

Safe and Sensible Street Lighting Scheme

Reporting to KCC has changed

Broadband - making Kent quicker project - latest briefing update



There will be an event on election awareness at DDC offices, White Cliffs Business Park on Wednesday 21 January 2015 from 6.30 - 8.30pm

For more information about being a Councillor, please look on the News and Notices page on this website.



The Parish Council are asking for people to stop driving across and around the recreation ground in Elvington.  Mounting the kerb and driving onto the grass is not providing a safe environment to live in.  If you witness cars or motorbikes on the grass please pass on any information to the Community Warden Juliet West, PCSO Tom Tucker-Smyth or the Clerk, so that together we can keep the village safe.



The number of community wardens in Kent is likely to remain at its present level, following an extensive public consultation on plans to reduce it.  As part of its efforts to make huge financial savings over the next three years, the county council was intending to reduce the number of wardens to 46 but it is now proposing to retain the service at its current level of about 70 uniformed staff.

Mike Hill, KCC's Cabinet Member for Community Services, said: "We carried out a six-week consultation which produced nearly 1,200 responses. More than 100 of those were from district and parish councils and the vast majority praised the wardens, either as individuals or as a service, and were keen to see it retained.  We were already aware of the important role that our wardens play in the areas they serve, but this consultation has brought home to us how valued they are by those communities."



Kent Resource Partnership is campaigning to encourage households to recycle more plastic bottles via existing council provided recycling services.

The national capture rate of plastic bottles (tubs, pots and trays) is known to be less than the potential.  Capturing more of these items provides better value for money for councils, increases recycling performance and reduces use of virgin materials in the production of new plastic items.

For more information click here





The arrangements are as follows:

Monday 22 December - no change

Tuesday 23 December - no change

Wednesday 24 December - no change

Thursday 25 December - Saturday 20 December

Friday 26 December - Saturday 27 December

Week beginning 31 December - no change, waste collection as usual on New Year's day

Garden waste collections will stop for the usual two week winter break from Monday 22nd December to Friday 2nd January 2015 (inclusive).  Residents who subscribe to the Garden Waste Collection Service will be able to put their real Christmas trees out for collection on their garden waste collection day between Monday 5th January and Friday 30th January 2015 for recycling.



Kent Police have produced a helpful leaflet on 'Shutting the Gate on Rural Crime', it details types of crimes and where to go to report them.

The leaflet can be downoaded at



Changes in legislation means Dog Control Orders have been replaced with Public Spaces Protection Orders.  DDC are currently consulting on the introduction of a Pulbic Spaces Protection Order to cover your community.  The consultation is open until 29 December 2014.

Details on the proposals and information on how to comment is available on the DDC website, click here to view the proposals and make a comment.



The Parish Council has received an amended planning application from Pentland Homes, documents are available on the DDC website under the orginal planning number (14/00477)

Proposal: Erection of 20 dwellings with associated car parking, access, garaging, landscaping and allotments

Location: Land on Monkton Court Lane, Eythorne, deadline for comments is extended to 5 January 2015.

Following a public meeting to discuss this planning application please click here to read a list of objections to the amendments.  You can use this information to form your own personal objection, identical letters do not count. Please note, responses are not restricted to one per household, so any concerned individual can send a response.

Either use the online form on the DDC website under planning application 14/00477 or write to the Planning Officer Fiona Runacre at Council Offices, White Cliffs Business Park, Dover, Kent CT16 3PJ

 Please look on notice boards and this website for more information as it becomes available.


Please click here to read a letter from Senior Planning Officer, Fiona Runacre to Pentland Homes Ltd. in response to the previous planning application (DOV/14/00477)

Please click here to view the enclosures to the letter detailed above.



KCC Highways, Transportation & Waste has commissioned BMG, an independent market research company, to undertake a door-to-door survey from Saturday 15 November until the end of December.  

BMG Research canvassers will present to residents:

Photo identification card 
Letter of authority from KCC 
KCC Highways, Transportation & Waste Business card 
FAQ Briefing sheet

What can you expect?
The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete.  The purpose of the survey is to find out your views on:

Roads and pavements in Kent
Local transport provision and infrastructure 
Waste management services 

Contact BMG Research on 0800 358 0337 to ask questions about the survey or to verify a BMG Research Interviewer. 
No one working for KCC Highways, Transportation & Waste would ever offer to do private work for residents.



Following the refusal in July 2104 of the planning application DOV/13/00914: Erection of a wind turbine with a maximum height of 100m and associated infrastructure at Barville Farm, Barville Road, TIlmanstone CT15 5BQ, the Parish Council has been notified that DDC has received an appeal against the decision.

The documents can be viewed here or alternatively log onto the DDC website and choose the planning applications link at the bottom of the left hand menu.  Choose Advanced search and type in 13/00914.

The Wind Turbine working group which included Councillors from the Parish and the District as well as residents, put together a very comprehensive factual objection to this planning application.  They continue to work tirelessly on behalf of the residents of the villages that could be affected by this wind turbine.



The Parish Council have recently been given the following information from Coastal Oil and Gas regarding exploratory boreholes:

"...Guston, Shepherdswell and Woodnesborough have all been surrendered but we have retained Tilmanstone area. I need to go through the process of telling Kent CC and the District and Parish Councillors as a matter of courtesy before holding a public meeting. Our intention is to drill an exploration hole in the coal measures. There are 14 main coal seams in Kent, Numbers 1-7 were fairly well worked but 8-14 are more or less unworked so we want to sample these lower seams."

Say NO to drilling and fracking in our villages


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