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Emergency Road Closure – Barfrestone Road, Shepherdswell – 14-20 January 2019

Click here to read the public notice.


Tilmanstone Brickworks Waste Management Facility Report for Planning Committee on 16 January 2019

If you would like to read the report being submitted for consideration at the Planning Committee on 16 January 2019, please click here


Temporary 30mph Speed Limit – Barville Road, Eythorne – 14-20 January 2019

Click here to read the public notice.


Overnight Road Closures – A256 Whitfield Interchange, Whitfield, Dover – 14-20 January 2019

Click here to read the public notice.


Thanet Community Transport Association

To learn more about this scheme that the Parish Council has subscribed to for the benefit of the whole community. Click here

You can also find out more at http://www.transportinthanet.co.uk/


Terrorist Attack Advice

Please click here for more information


Abandoned Vehicles

The Police team have advised that anyone can check if vehicles have road tax via the following website www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-tax

If they are found to be untaxed, they can also be reported via the same service/website.

The Waste Services department, at Dover District Council, is responsible for removing abandoned vehicles. You can find more information and also make reports online at:


Community Policing Volunteers

Kent Police is now undertaking a force wide recruitment campaign for Community Policing Volunteers – please see the attached link for further details https://www.kent.police.uk/jobs-recruiting-now/community-policing-volunteer/.


Men’s Shed

Our Community Warden Julliette West and Cllr Marc Sluder are starting up a Men’s Shed group in Eythorne Parish.  Men’s Shed is a place to pursue practical interests at leisure, to practice skills and enjoy making and mending.  The Men’s Shed is about social connections and friendship building, sharing skills and knowledge, and or course a lot of laughter.  Sheds can be whatever the members want them to be.  Men’s Sheds get involved in community projects too, activities can vary, but you usually find woodworking, metalworking, repairing and restoring, electronics, model building or even car building.

If this is something you are interested in, please contact Julliette West for more information.


Livestock Under Attack

Kent Countryside Access Forum (KCAF) supports NFU’s campaign to #take the lead and asks dog owners to

  • use a lead near livestock when in the countryside
  • keep their dogs secure at home

There is an increasing incidence of dog attacks on livestock. Thousands of sheep and cattle die as a consequence of injuries caused by dogs every year and livestock worrying costs the industry an estimated £1.6m. But this figure is just the tip of the iceberg as many losses are uninsured and often unaccounted for.

Kent NFU Adviser Amanda Corp says: “The NFU is reminding people to keep dogs on a lead, rather than letting them run freely because livestock may be nearby. Dogs naturally have a chase instinct and they can inflict the most terrible bites on sheep which can die slowly and painfully of their injuries. Pregnant ewes can also abort their lambs if chased by dogs.”

If a dog worries livestock, the dog owner or the person responsible for the animal at the time is guilty of an offence under the Animals Act 1971 and may be sued for compensation by the farmer or in certain cases the dog can be legally shot.

Ms Corp emphasises that sheep farming involves long-term husbandry, saying: “It takes two years of care and attention for a farmer to raise a sheep – from lamb to breeding ewe. It is therefore heartbreaking for a farmer when flocks are attacked by dogs. Even the smallest dog can injure a sheep, that’s why it is so important to use a lead around livestock”.

Please report livestock worrying incidents that you witness and cases of dogs that you know are not secured adequately at home. Phone Kent Police on 101 – they will welcome your call.


Don’t Ignore It, Share It  – Kent Police Campaign

Kent police are asking you to help them to protect Kent, with over 100 active airfields and airports and 350 miles of coastline and waterways the county provides a convenient gateway to and beyond the South East.

For more information visit www.kent.police.uk/dontignoreitshareit


Kent Fire and Rescue – Volunteer Opportunities

Kent Fire and Rescue Service Community Volunteers are people from all walks of life and all sections of the community who have an interest in helping Kent Fire and Rescue Service deliver their safety messages throughout Kent and Medway.

For more information visit www.kent.fire-uk.org/jobs/volunteers/

Alternatively contact Karen Grieves on 01622 692121 EXT 6672 or volunteering@kent.fire-uk.org


The Old Tilmanstone Colliery Planning Application

Please be advised that further details have been submitted.
To view the planning application documents please visit the KCC website at:
Click on ‘Look at planning applications online’
Enter the application ref. number KCC/DO/0256/2017 in the relevant box
Click on ‘search’
Please see documents filed on the date 05-03-2018.


Anti-social Behaviour

You are all very much aware and fed up with the nuisance pit bikes, quad bikes and cars driving around the villages causing noise and road disruption as well as around the green spaces damaging the grass and endangering young people using the facilities.  The Parish Council and local policing team implore you to report, with names if you know them, EVERY incidence that occurs.  The PSCO has not received enough reports and without information she has no case.

Community Warden – Julliette West: 07969 584174

PSCO – Emma.CARMICHAEL@kent.pnn.police.uk

Non-emergency crime – ring 101 or www.kent.police.uk/services/report-online


Online Crime Reporting and Non-Injury Collisions

The public can now report crimes and incidents as well as non-injury road traffic collisions online directly to Kent Police (www.kent.police.uk). Once a report is made online, the user will receive a unique reference number and a return email confirming receipt.  This is a test/pilot at this stage. At the end of each form is the opportunity for the public making a report to give feedback on using the forms.

The overall aim is to provide another choice for how the public can report crime or incidents as well as try to reduce the number of people calling 101 on non-urgent issues that could easily be dealt with through digital contact.


RH Ovenden Lorries

RH Ovenden have asked the Parish Council to inform residents that they take it very seriously if one of their lorries takes the wrong route or causes disruption to the local community.  The HGV’s have dash cams and computers which record the route, so if you see a lorry which you think is in the wrong place, please contact RH Ovenden and they will investigate and discipline the driver appropriately.

To contact RH Ovenden please ring 01304 804395 or email enquiries@ovendens.com

Please note: RH Ovenden is separate to Ovenden Plant Hire.


DDC Press Releases

DDC regularly release news items about what is going on in your District.

To view the latest news, please click here


Affinity Water – Keep Track of the Tap Campaign

For more information, click here


Dover District Council – Community Directory

DDC’s community database is a map showing some of the clubs, sports clubs and community groups available within the Dover district.  If you are a club or a community group and are currently not listed on the community database and would like to be added please register.

To read more information and fill out the online form, click here


Betteshanger Park

To read the latest update on the Kent Mining Museum at Betteshanger, click here


Power Cuts

If you are experiencing power cuts, the protocol is to contact UK Power on 0800 3163105.  Then, if you feel a crime has occurred, for example stolen cables, contact 101 to report the crime and get an incident number.

Visit www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk for the latest updates

Visit www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/powercut and type in their postcode to view our live power cut map

Tweet @ukpowernetworks to report a power cuts or to receive updates


Fire Hydrant Scheme

The Operational Planning Team of the Kent Fire and Rescue Service is responsible for making sure there is water available for the fire engines.  The main source of water is hydrants, with 29,500 in Kent.  Hydrants are inspected on a 1-6 year phase depending on location.  The Operational Planning Team are asking for local people to look out for hydrants that are overgrown, broken, leaking or in need of maintenance.  They aim to service them within 21 days of being reported.  The yellow H painted on the road will depict where hydrants are.  Please report to Steven.Lewis@kent.fire-uk.org or call 01622 692121 x(6857)


Motorbikes on the Pit

The owner of the Pit has signed a declaration that no-body has permission to go up onto the Pit site.  Please ring 101 or report on-line any noise and nuisance from people using the Pit for riding motorbikes.  If you keep reporting and logging the issue, the matter will have to be addressed.


Pothole Blitz Launch by KCC

To read a letter from KCC regarding potholes in our area, please click here.

To visit the website to report a pothole, click here


 Kent Police Volunteer Opportunity

Kent Police are currently promoting volunteer opportunities within the force, to find out more, click here.


Speed Watch

The Parish Council has started up a speed watch group to look at the speeding issues in this area. If you would like to join a working group or have any ideas you would like to put forward. Please contact either the Clerk or Cllr David Millard.