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The Old Tilmanstone Colliery Planning Application

Please be advised that further details have been submitted.
To view the planning application documents please visit the KCC website at:
Click on ‘Look at planning applications online’
Enter the application ref. number KCC/DO/0256/2017 in the relevant box
Click on ‘search’
Please see documents filed on the date 05-03-2018.


Anti-social Behaviour

You are all very much aware and fed up with the nuisance pit bikes, quad bikes and cars driving around the villages causing noise and road disruption as well as around the green spaces damaging the grass and endangering young people using the facilities.  The Parish Council and local policing team implore you to report, with names if you know them, EVERY incidence that occurs.  The PSCO has not received enough reports and without information she has no case.

Community Warden – Julliette West: 07969 584174

PSCO – Emma.CARMICHAEL@kent.pnn.police.uk

Non-emergency crime – ring 101 or www.kent.police.uk/services/report-online


Local Government Boundary Commission for England

Today (30 January 2018) is the start of a 10-week public consultation during which the Local Government Boundary Commission for England is inviting proposals for new warding arrangements for Dover District Council.

The consultation will close on 9 April 2018.

After considering all representations made during this consultation, the Commission intends to publish draft recommendations in June 2018.

There will then be a further period of consultation on the draft recommendations. Final recommendations are expected to be published in October 2018.

The new electoral arrangements will come into effect at the local elections in May 2019.

The electoral review will recommend new electoral arrangements for Dover District Council. It will propose:

  • the total number of Councillors elected to the Council in the future;
  • the number of wards;
  • the number of Councillors representing each ward;
  • ward boundaries; and
  • the names of wards.

This is a public consultation and which welcomes views from individuals and organisations across Dover on where they think new ward boundaries should be drawn.

The Commission is minded to recommend that 32 Councillors should be elected to Dover District Council in the future.

This is 13 fewer than the current number of Councillors.

The Commission is now inviting proposals to help it draw up a pattern of wards to accommodate 32 Councillors.

In drawing up a pattern of electoral wards, the Commission must balance three legal criteria, namely:

  • to deliver electoral equality, where each Councillor represents roughly the same number of electors as others across the district;
  • that the pattern of wards should, as far as possible, reflect the interests and identities of local communities;
  • that the electoral arrangements should provide for effective and convenient local government.

The Commission will treat all submissions equally, and judge each case on its merits and against the legal criteria.

If you wish to put forward a view, you are urged to ensure that evidence supports your submission. For example, if you wish to argue that two parishes should be included in the same electoral ward, make sure you tell the Commission why they should be together, providing evidence about community facilities, ties, organisations, and amenities, rather than simply asserting that they belong together.

Please click here for more advice and information.


Vandalism of the Teen Shelter

On or around the 15 January 2018, the teen shelter on Elvington Recreation Ground was vandalised with paint.



KCC Bus Pass Renewal Notice

The English National Concessionary Travel Scheme, also known as the older persons bus pass is a statutory national scheme providing free bus travel for individuals of a pensionable age or some pass holders who qualify on the basis of disability.
Passes are issued with a 5 year expiry and as a consequence, every 5 years KCC experiences a significant peak in renewals which needs to be managed. In March 2018, 195,000 passes
currently in circulation expire. 
To manage this process efficiently with the minimum disruption on pass holders, it has been agreed that KCC will adopt an approach of ‘intelligent auto-renewals’ whereby the majority of existing pass holders, if using their pass recently, will automatically be sent a new pass in advance of their current one expiring i.e. the pass holder does not need to reapply.
However, it has been identified that a significant proportion of passes have not been used in the last year and so these will not be automatically renewed. It should be clearly understood that this is in no way the removal of a right to hold a pass but we will be seeking confirmation from the pass holder that they still wish to be issued with one. Instead
therefore, these pass holders will be written to and advised of their continued right to hold a pass together with instructions as to how to renew.
Letters will be sent out throughout January, February and the first week of March and all automatically renewed or renewals applied for on time will be sent to pass holders before
the expiry of current passes on 31st March.

Online Crime Reporting and Non-Injury Collisions

The public can now report crimes and incidents as well as non-injury road traffic collisions online directly to Kent Police (www.kent.police.uk). Once a report is made online, the user will receive a unique reference number and a return email confirming receipt.  This is a test/pilot at this stage. At the end of each form is the opportunity for the public making a report to give feedback on using the forms.

The overall aim is to provide another choice for how the public can report crime or incidents as well as try to reduce the number of people calling 101 on non-urgent issues that could easily be dealt with through digital contact.


RH Ovenden Lorries

RH Ovenden have asked the Parish Council to inform residents that they take it very seriously if one of their lorries takes the wrong route or causes disruption to the local community.  The HGV’s have dash cams and computers which record the route, so if you see a lorry which you think is in the wrong place, please contact RH Ovenden and they will investigate and discipline the driver appropriately.

To contact RH Ovenden please ring 01304 804395 or email enquiries@ovendens.com

Please note: RH Ovenden is separate to Ovenden Plant Hire.


KCC’s Proposed 2018/19 Budget

To balance KCC’s budget for 2018/19 they have to find an estimated £66m of savings in response to additional spending demands and reduced government grant. The consultation includes plans for £56m of savings with a further £9m yet to be identified.

Leader of Kent County Council Paul Carter said in a recent press interview that “the consequences for next year’s budget are really very significant”

KCC plans to increase Council Tax by the amount permitted under the referendum principles, including the additional social care levy.  The estimated increase for 2018-19 is 3.99% (£41.84 per year for a band C property.) This will increase KCC’s share of the Council Tax bill for a band C property to £1,089.68 in 2018/19.

Since 2011-12 KCC has saved £589m in response to the financial challenge.

Please visit: www.kent.gov.uk/budget to have your say on the proposals to fix the 2018/19 budget gap.


DDC Press Releases

DDC regularly release news items about what is going on in your District.

To view the latest news, please click here


Affinity Water – Keep Track of the Tap Campaign

For more information, click here


Dover District Council – Community Directory

DDC’s community database is a map showing some of the clubs, sports clubs and community groups available within the Dover district.  If you are a club or a community group and are currently not listed on the community database and would like to be added please register.

To read more information and fill out the online form, click here


Betteshanger Park

To read the latest update on the Kent Mining Museum at Betteshanger, click here

To read the new cafe, click here

To read the March newsletter, click here


Power Cuts

If you are experiencing power cuts, the protocol is to contact UK Power on 0800 3163105.  Then, if you feel a crime has occurred, for example stolen cables, contact 101 to report the crime and get an incident number.

Visit www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk for the latest updates

Visit www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/powercut and type in their postcode to view our live power cut map

Tweet @ukpowernetworks to report a power cuts or to receive updates


Fire Hydrant Scheme

The Operational Planning Team of the Kent Fire and Rescue Service is responsible for making sure there is water available for the fire engines.  The main source of water is hydrants, with 29,500 in Kent.  Hydrants are inspected on a 1-6 year phase depending on location.  The Operational Planning Team are asking for local people to look out for hydrants that are overgrown, broken, leaking or in need of maintenance.  They aim to service them within 21 days of being reported.  The yellow H painted on the road will depict where hydrants are.  Please report to Steven.Lewis@kent.fire-uk.org or call 01622 692121 x(6857)


Motorbikes on the Pit

The owner of the Pit has signed a declaration that no-body has permission to go up onto the Pit site.  Please ring 101 or report on-line any noise and nuisance from people using the Pit for riding motorbikes.  If you keep reporting and logging the issue, the matter will have to be addressed.


Pothole Blitz Launch by KCC

To read a letter from KCC regarding potholes in our area, please click here.

To visit the website to report a pothole, click here


 Kent Police Volunteer Opportunity

Kent Police are currently promoting volunteer opportunities within the force, to find out more, click here.


Speed Watch

The Parish Council has started up a speed watch group to look at the speeding issues in this area. If you would like to join a working group or have any ideas you would like to put forward. Please contact either the Clerk or Cllr David Millard.