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The Kent Police and Crime Commissioner are running an Independent Custody Visiting Scheme. They are currently recruiting for volunteers to join the scheme, individuals ages 18 or over to join. Go to to find out more.



Thank you to those Parishioners who commented on the bench and the work the Parish Council are completing on the War Memorial area.  Also a huge thank you to those who have already donated to the War Memorial missing names project.  If you would like any further information regarding this project, or would like to make a donation, please contact the Parish Clerk on 01304 832449 and leave your contact details.  Alternatively, contact Councillor Barbara Morgan-Lovett on 01304 448973.

To complete the project, the Parish Council have adopted Eythorne roundabout from KCC and would like to plant a commemorative rose garden on it.  If you have any other suggestions or ideas for the roundabout or would like to purchase a rose to add to the garden, please get in touch.



The statement of Persons Nominted can be found on the notice boards.  The nominations for Eythorne (Barfrestone and Eythorne Ward) are as follows:


Ledger, Douglas Malcolm


Hansell, Reginald

Hansell, Wendy

Morgan-Lovett, Barbara

Pellitt, Steve

Sluder, Marc

Whitehead, Annette



The Annual Parish meeting will be held at Eythorne Resources Centre on Wednesday 20 May commencing at 7pm.  This meeting is for the residents of the villages to raise questions and have their say.  All welcome.



The Councillors, residents and Community Warden are very much aware and upset with the amount of litter and fly tipping around the villages and countryside as a whole.  Thank you to those diligent people who litter pick on a daily and weekly basis.  Your contribution to this never ending task is very much appreciated.  The Parish Council are liaising with Juliet West to organise a litter pick later in the Spring, anyone who would like to get involved, contact Juliet or the Clerk.  If you see fly tipping or excessive litter, please contact DDC as it is a criminal offence to fly tip and can be prosecuted in court.



The Parish Council are asking for people to stop driving across and around the recreation ground in Elvington.  Mounting the kerb and driving onto the grass is not providing a safe environment to live in.  If you witness cars or motorbikes on the grass please pass on any information to the Community Warden Juliet West, PCSO Tom Tucker-Smyth or the Clerk, so that together we can keep the village safe.



The Parish Council has received an amended planning application from Pentland Homes, documents are available on the DDC website under the orginal planning number (14/00477)

Proposal: Erection of 20 dwellings with associated car parking, access, garaging, landscaping and allotments

Location: Land on Monkton Court Lane, Eythorne

The Planning Officer in charge is Fiona Runacre at Council Offices, White Cliffs Business Park, Dover, Kent CT16 3PJ

 Please look on notice boards and this website for more information as it becomes available.

Please click here to read a letter from Senior Planning Officer, Fiona Runacre to Pentland Homes Ltd. in response to the previous planning application (DOV/14/00477)

Please click here to view the enclosures to the letter detailed above.

Eythorne Parish Council has acted on the feeling of the village that ml-adminstration has occurred regarding this planning application.  Please click here to read the letter sent 19 March 2015.



Following the refusal in July 2104 of the planning application DOV/13/00914: Erection of a wind turbine with a maximum height of 100m and associated infrastructure at Barville Farm, Barville Road, TIlmanstone CT15 5BQ, the Parish Council has been notified that DDC has received an appeal against the decision.

The documents can be viewed here or alternatively log onto the DDC website and choose the planning applications link at the bottom of the left hand menu.  Choose Advanced search and type in 13/00914.

The Wind Turbine working group which included Councillors from the Parish and the District as well as residents, put together a very comprehensive factual objection to this planning application.  They continue to work tirelessly on behalf of the residents of the villages that could be affected by this wind turbine.



The Parish Council have recently been given the following information from Coastal Oil and Gas regarding exploratory boreholes:

"...Guston, Shepherdswell and Woodnesborough have all been surrendered but we have retained Tilmanstone area. I need to go through the process of telling Kent CC and the District and Parish Councillors as a matter of courtesy before holding a public meeting. Our intention is to drill an exploration hole in the coal measures. There are 14 main coal seams in Kent, Numbers 1-7 were fairly well worked but 8-14 are more or less unworked so we want to sample these lower seams."

Say NO to drilling and fracking in our villages


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