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The Councillors are pleased to welcome David Millard to the Parish Council.  David was co-opted at the February meeting, he lives in Eythorne and is a retired Logistics manager.  David also plays badminton at Elvington Community Centre weekly.



Skills and Training event - Thursday 4th February 9.00am - 12.00pm at Whitfield Farmers Market, Whitfield Village Hall, Sandwich Road CT16 3LY

Young People and Youth Engagement event - Saturday 13 February from 10.30am at Dover Town Council, Masion Dieu House, Biggin Street CT16 1DW

For more information visit



The Parish Council are looking to start up a working group to look at the speeding issues in this area.  If you would like to join a working group or have any ideas you would like to put forward.  Please contact either the clerk or Cllr Marc Sluder.



When the web page opens, type a road name and town (e.g. Wigmore Lane, Eythorne ) in the search box and enter it.  The map should then move the selected area and highlight all the known road works in the vicinity with little coloured triangles.  The pictograms within the triangles indicate what utility service is carrying out the works.  The colour of the triangle indicates the impact on traffic (green = little impact; amber = more impact; red = severe impact).  You can use your mouse to zoom in and out; use your left click-and-hold to pan around etc.  It also shows red-coloured no entry signs where there are associated road closures and shows little traffic light symbols where there are traffic lights.  Finally if you hover your cursor over any of the triangle symbols and left-click, it will reveal further details about the works, (description of works, duration, contact details etc).



The appeal against DDC's refusal for the erection of 20 dwellings with associated car parking, access, garaging and landscaping at land at Monkton Court Lane, Eythorne, CT15 4BS has been DISMISSED

Well done everyone who wrote letters and objected against the planning application.



The appeal against DDC's refusal for the erection of a wind turbine with a maximum height of 100m and associated infrastructure at Barville Farm, Barville Road, TIlmanstone CT15 5BQ has been DISMISSED

Well done everyone who wrote letters and objected against the planning application in paticular the EWTAG who worked tirelessly to fight this construction.



A huge thank you to all those who attended the ceremony on Thursday.  A beautiful, poignant service was held at 11am, with music from the Eythorne Silver Band, and a bugler and piper from the Gurkha Regiment.  Lord Boyce made a heartfelt speech and Rev Ashman's words and prayers were very special.  The Parish Council are very proud that the fallen men have finally got the honour they deserve.  The East Kent Railway Tearoom's refreshments were very welcome, as well as the trip to Shepherdswell on the train, that Lord and Lady Boyce also enjoyed. 

The East Kent Mercury has a double page spread in the 1 October edition and Meridian News report can still be viewed here



1. I’m too young – if you are twenty-one you are old enough.

2. What’s the point of just a talking shop, they don’t do anything – have you ever been to a meeting? Basing your judgement on the Vicar of Dibley is not valid.

3. I haven’t got any planning applications in at the moment – putting in for planning has got nothing to do with sitting on the council, whatever may have happened years ago.  In fact, if your own application is discussed by the council, you must leave the room.

4. I’m too busy and couldn’t commit to attending every single meeting – meetings are rarely more frequent than one evening a month, and missing the occasional one is perfectly acceptable.  Most meetings only take a couple of hours.

5. I’m concentrating on finding a job or furthering my career – being a local councillor is a definite plus point to add to a CV, it shows you can make decisions, work in a team, are community minded and proactive.  Prospective employers will be impressed.

6. I haven’t lived here very long and don’t know the area well – if you have lived or worked in a parish for a year, you are eligible.  Your views as an ‘incomer’ should be welcomed, as you will probably see things more objectively.

7. I’m worried that I won’t get many votes, and look silly – even if you’re not voted on, you may well be approached if a vacancy occurs in the future and co-opted on.

8. Our parish council is full of old fogeys – join up and change it then.

9. I’d look a fool because I won’t know what’s going on – you will be eased in gently, there is help, advice and more formal training available.

10. I’ll have to sign that code of conduct that the press keep on about – the code of conduct us nowhere near as onerous as made out in the press, the code stops situations like the planning one above.

11. I’ll have to let everyone know all about my business and personal affairs – the declaration of interest asks you to declare business interests within the parish area, to guard against bias when parish issues are debated.  As for personal affairs, everyone knows about those already!

12. I’m too lazy and not interested in my community – an excellent reason for not joining.

13. I prefer to let others do the work and then criticise from the sidelines afterwards – also a valid reason for not joining, but do bear in mind that expounding your views in the pub, will not change a thing in your parish.

Your Parish Council currently has vacancies – why not come along to a meeting, on the second Wednesday of the month; Elvington Community Centre from October to March, Eythorne Resources Centre from April to September and see what goes on.



A Designated Public Places Order controls the consumption of alcohol in public places in specified areas. The Order is commonly, but incorrectly, referred to as an alcohol exclusion zone.

The effect of the Order is that a Police Constable may require a person to stop drinking alcohol in a public place within the designated area. Any person so required, but who refuses to stop, commits an offence which could result in them being arrested. Drinking alcohol in a designated area is not in itself an offence. The offence is created if any person refuses to stop drinking once required to do so by a Police Constable. Any enforcement of this law is carried out entirely at the discretion of the police.



A Parish Councillor has recently reported on a meeting led by Guy Thompson, Community Safety Officer with Sergeant Paul Gammon. The meeting was held to explain how the Police were to make a further £18 million saving.

A summary of the main points are:

i. PCSO’s will not be given the power of arrest but their powers will slightly change

ii. More reporting will be done on-line by the public, this discriminates the many people, elderly, low income families etc. who do not have 'on-line' facilities, on-line reporting includes permits, robbery or burglary (an appointment would be given for the police to come out), domestic and neighbourhood disputes, lost property and trespass

iii. Shoplifting will not be investigated unless there is CCTV footage or a good description of the criminal.  The shopkeeper should ring up for an insurance claim

iv. Victims of crime will have to go to Campus House rather than have a police officer visit.

PCSO's have been drastically reduced in rural areas and those that remain have areas too large to manage / cover.  The co-ordinater of PCSO's is requesting a nominated Parishioner to be a 'source' of information to the PCSO.

Over recent years the services provided by both the DDC and Police to the public have diminished considerably. A large portion of our Council Tax is paid to the Police. The ratepayers are not getting value for their money and their safety is being eroded and making them increasingly vulnerable.



The Parish Council are asking for people to stop driving across and around the recreation ground in Elvington.  Mounting the kerb and driving onto the grass is not providing a safe environment to live in.  If you witness cars or motorbikes on the grass please pass on any information to the Community Warden Julliette West, PCSO Tom Tucker-Smyth or the Clerk, so that together we can keep the village safe.



The Parish Council have recently been given the following information from Coastal Oil and Gas regarding exploratory boreholes:

"...Guston, Shepherdswell and Woodnesborough have all been surrendered but we have retained Tilmanstone area. I need to go through the process of telling Kent CC and the District and Parish Councillors as a matter of courtesy before holding a public meeting. Our intention is to drill an exploration hole in the coal measures. There are 14 main coal seams in Kent, Numbers 1-7 were fairly well worked but 8-14 are more or less unworked so we want to sample these lower seams."

Say NO to drilling and fracking in our villages


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